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Dog Grooming in Geneva, IL


From Shaggy To Chic Welcomes You

Part of the joy of having a dog is the time we spend with them in the great outdoors. But, as we dog owners know, frolicking outside, whether in the grass, leaves or dirt, can leave our furry friends looking quite scruffy. Not to mention those obligatory walks on rainy and snowy Illinois days. From Shaggy To Chic, Geneva, IL wants to be your go-to groomer to get your pooch back to looking his or her best.

We've been serving the Geneva area for 30 years. Generations to generations of family pets have experienced our services. Our local veterinarians are happy to recommend us. Our experienced groomers will treat your pet gently and lavish him or her with individual attention to promote a tranquil environment. Your dog will leave looking clean, healthy and happy.